Many ways to make a sex activity so more beautiful and enjoyable. Among them are trying to fuck in a closet or in a coffin. Might be a little strange-sounding. Create what the fuck in the closet if you already had a comfortable bed and Nice.

According to one expert on sex, make love in any place other than a place to sleep (closets, cars, tents, even bathroom in the pool) make you think more rilek how can I get a very satisfactory sex. "A lot more techniques that You try, the more you know about your own body which means it is easier to achieve a nice orgasm,"

There are still a few more ways how strange and unusual by others. Some of you may be scrunched up forehead or similar with a confused, but this could be a way to effectively get a sex life more qualified and hooked to his first
 Create what the fuck in the closet if you already had a comfortable bed and Nice.

1. Kissing with Inverted Position
kissing with inverted position or can we walk on the suspended . Seeking a new angle in kissing can also embody the more interesting sex.

"Kissing is usually already done the couple since they were still dating. And as time went on, the sensation of the kiss will be reduced and more quickly. Kissing in different ways, will give more challenges than usual

2. Brushing the body
Hair brush or toothbrush can be used as a tool to stimulate the points its sense of the woman before us and a couple bolt, one of the sites suggested for brushing body couples gently as she let go of clothes by itself and it will give rise to a very satisfying stimulation.

"Starting from the hands, shoulders, chest, soles of the feet, then moves into the abdomen and area vitalnya. The brush touches a bit rough will make it tingle. So when you replace the touch by hand, tongue or lips she will feel different sensations and incredible pleasure,
Spank Her Ass
Maybe is a bit odd to hear it but many most couples doing things like this. Because with Pats butts women will increase sexual pleasure. It turns out the unique habits of the men are very much in favour of the women.

3.  Capture With Video Recordings
If you want to catch the action of fuck you, you'd better be careful not to fuck you record results seen by others. But with you mengabadikannya you and your partner can edit each other's styles and positions to fuck if there is less fun. The result you can mendaparkan sex satisfaction during lovemaking.

4.  Wear A Mask
As long as this function is only useful close the mask from the face only. But for now the mask can be a tool to add to your sex passion. Wear a mask when you want to perform the activity of sex, then look at your partner's reaction that wants to immediately conquer you diranjang. Try to wear a sexy mask and do not use a mask that made him feared.

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