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Ringworm diseases! Infectious diseases are very fast

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Ringworm diseases! Infectious diseases are very fast. Wide variety of skin disease that is very much we find among the poor, such as: the disease is a parasitic disease of ringworm on the skin that are rarely preserved. This disease can be suffered by anyone and its transmission is very fast, be it male or female, be it kids, easy as well as parents. The incidence of this disease is caused by a yeast Pityrosporum ovale or evil.

Ringworm diseases
Ringworm is a disease that is not so dangerous but if left will be very disruptive of our appearance. For those of you who like to pay attention to appearances, this disease will probably be the main enemy that should be eliminated. Panu will damage the appearance of the skin will arise because the patches are white, sometimes Brown or red. It feels very itchy and especially if you're sweating. The disease can be contagious ringworm from one person to another.


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The roof of the National Stadium in Brasilia Mane Garrincha , leaked . This is an embarrassing incident that occurred because of his less than eight months after the stadium most expensive stadium in  in Brazil was declared completed for the 2014 World Cup event .

A number of local media reported almost all the seats in the stands under the wet due to rain which flushed at night in the stadium .Secopa stadium construction operators argue that this is the first problem occurs because the new stadium with a capacity of 50 thousand spectators were still in the testing phase .
Mane Garrincha

Leakage stadium for PD in Brazil is not only the Mane Garrincha . At least three other stadiums still a race against time to be completed prior to kick - off on June 12, 2014. Her fatal again At least five people died from workplace accidents in the construction of a stadium in Brazil PD . Last November , two workers were killed by a crane at the Arena Corinthians ,SaoPaulo . One other worker was also reported killed in the Mane Garrincha stadium construction

The embarrassing incident ( leak ) because the stadium is still new , some small parts still need to be fixed , but it will not affect the operation of the game here .

party Brazil football world will instantly repair the damage at no additional cost to the government of Brazil . Previously , the construction of a stadium in the capital cost has been about the most expensive among the other 12 stadiums that will be used for the 2014 World Cup . It is very embarrassing not ? ?

The stadium was actually being used in the Confederations Cup last mid-2013 . And plan, the stadium will be in the spotlight for six games of the 2014 World Cup , including a quarterfinal and the third place in the next world cup


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Now we will remember or alluded to again question the best footballer in the world, did you know there are some of them indeed deserve admires and recalls of all time and also became a role model because of the almost perfect physical figure. at least 10 players name it will make you change your mind and make it with football matches. He's the legend of the world. SOME OF THE LEGENDS OF WORLD FOOTBALL
It first appeared at the World Cup in 1958 as a young Brazilian players aged 17 years. He scored his first goal in the World Cup when playing against Wales in the quarter-finals in a couple of years later, both matches in the World Cup. When he was only 17 years 239 days treading, Pele was crowned as the youngest scorer in World Cup history. The greatness of the more visible when Pele scored a hattrick in the semi final match against France. Until now, the 1958 World Cup in Sweden is remembered as the legend's early career. And also do not overdo it if FIFA until dubbed King of Football.

PELE Has scored eight goals in one game in 1964, Pele also records her as a player who once scored five goals six times in one game, quattrick, and 30 times no fewer than 92 times the hattrick. Throughout his career, Pele had 1,281 goals in 1,363 matches. True right into the best examples for future generations.
PelĂ© played professionally in Brazil for two decades, winning three World Cups along the way, before joining the New York Cosmos late in his career. Named FIFA co-Player of the Century in 1999, he is a global ambassador for soccer and other humanitarian causes. 

The world is none other than soccer player Diego Maradona who is worshipped like a God or Lord sitangan nickname. For most people even everyone, Maradona was the greatest player of all time and instead of Pele, who earn the title officially by FIFA and the world.
 SOME OF THE LEGENDS OF WORLD FOOTBALL. However, there are still many people who are eager to know, who is actually the most excellent among the two great names: Pele or Maradona? Then, how is that poor children pursue a stature to become one of the world's football Megastar?

A poor boy from Villa Fiorito Diego Armando Maradona was born on October 30, 1960 in Villa Fiorito, a slum city that is located in the southeast of the city of Buenos Aires. He was born of a poor family that had moved to the city of Corrientes Province of yesteryear. Maradona was the fourth of six children. The three brothers were all women. But, Maradona had two younger brothers, Hugo (el Turco) and Eduardo (Lalo).Both were also a career as a footballer, although only with the accomplishment of mediocrity.

At the time of goals scored when against the United Kingdom in the quarter finals of the 1986 World Cup is so beautiful, and it is the best moment in all of his career which led him to be considered a God by some of Argentina who founded the Church of Maradona.

Everyone will always remember the words spoken while crying by commentator Victor Hugo Morales when there are the most beautiful goals of all time, "Gracias, Dios. Por el futbol, por por estas lagrimas Maradona,. (Thank God for football, to Maradona, and shedding tears for it..) " good lock


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Spanish giants Real Madrid team has just brought a new player. Not with the price up to millions of euros, except for free. very awesome Yes.

Recruitment and later the El Real is a boy from Japan sakura who was 9 years old and named Takuhiro Nakai. Since 28 September, Nakai, or familiar called Cheeks a pseudonym, officially tied Madrid. Shiga Prefecture home boy it does not instantly got a professional contract.

Takuhiro Nakai was only going to play in Madrid's Cantera Academy, also biasadisebut La Fabrica. This boy is still very small and still sitting in class 4 primary schools were started to be the fruit of the lips since the performance skill on a television show in Japan, several years ago.

Madrid has long been monitoring the development of Nakai long ago. Interestingly, ordinary boy called "Cheeks" by his friends it ever join Barcelona soccer school in Japan when he was 7 years old.

Takuhiro Nakai aka CHEEKS are often referred to as magic boy when the real action starts. Chan's performance dazzled in awe. In fact, Japanese Netizens claim,

And one more thing, the presence of Cheek in Madrid might present a junior level in Barcelona. The reason, Barcelona also have young talents from Japan, Kubo Takefusa.

The encounter both in the field of green is very highly anticipated, especially by the public of Japan.