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Official Sebastian Vettel won Formula 1 World 2013, after the victory of his 10th season on the GRAND PRIX circuit, which takes place in India Buddh International, Wednesday (27/10/2013).

S Vettel was able to finish the race with a finish in first position. This victory also confirmed Vettel as the world champion in 2013. This is his fourth world title in a row.

Race results:

1. Sebastian Vettel Germany Red Bull-Renault, 60 laps

2. Nico Rosberg Germany Mercedes-Mercedes + 29.8 s

3. Romain Grosjean, France Lotus-Renault + 24.7 s

4. Felipe Massa Brazil Ferrari-Ferrari + 41.6 s

5. Sergio Perez Mexico McLaren-Mercedes + 43.8 s

6. Lewis Hamilton Britain Mercedes-Mercedes + 32.6 s

7. Kimi Raikkonen Finland Lotus-Renault + 67.9 s

8. Paul di Resta Force India-Britain Mercedes + 45.2 s

9. Adrian Sutil Germany Force India-Mercedes + 46.4 s

10. Daniel Ricciardo Australia STR-Ferrari + 76.2 s

11. Fernando Alonso Spain Ferrari-Ferrari + 48.6 s

12. Pastor Maldonado Venezuela Williams-Renault + 49.0 s

13. Jean-Eric Vergne France STR-Ferrari + 1 lap

14. Jenson Button Britain McLaren-Mercedes + 1 lap

15. Esteban Gutierrez Mexico Sauber-Ferrari + 1 lap

16. Valtteri Bottas Finland Williams-Renault + 1 lap

17. Max Chilton Britain Marussia-Cosworth + 2 laps

18. Jules Bianchi France Marussia-Cosworth + 2 laps

19. Nico Hulkenberg Germany Sauber-Ferrari + 6 laps

Rtd Mark Webber Australia Red Bull-Renault Alternator after 39 laps completed
Rtd Charles Pic France Caterham-Renault Mechanical after 35 laps completed
Rtd Giedo van der Garde Netherlands Caterham-Renault Suspension after 1 laps completed


The origin of Mercedes-Benz cars

Start a company, the most glorious in the world in the early 1880s, when Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz invented the car technology separately in southern Germany. Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, who together discovered four Machine not working in Cannstatt, (a town in the District of Stuttgart); Benz has its place in Mannheim near Heidelberg. There is no record the two inventors never met they had never met and at tahun1900 's, Daimler cars made in Untertürkheim (the name of a town in the District of Stuttgart) sold successfully by agents of Austria and has gained quite a lot in those days named Emil Jellinek, who supply the car with the name of his daughter, Mercédès. And so far mercedes-benz is still being penetrated in the world of marketing them through online media to attract customers to its

Mercedes-Benz cars development

The first passenger car has brakes on all four of the vehicle during the year (1924). Mercedes-Benz is the inventor of the system called pre-safe, which pays to detect any unexpected accidents and prepare the car seat so that the system can respond and also save the motorist and the controls appropriately. This sophisticated technology also bias calculate how the brake horsepower is required to avoid damage to critical situations and conditions of sudden, and this equipment work right away when the riders hit the brakes. passengers are also secured by tightening the seat belts, closing the sunroof and Windows, and change the position of the seat to the optimum position.

8 cylinder engine is the most powerful engines in the world today are the property of Mercedes-AMG, 6208 cc M156 has the power of 85 PS per his 1000cc. It is named after the ubiquitous ' 63 AMG ' M113 engine and replaced by a ' 55 AMG ' in many models. M156 engine is capable of producing power to 388 kW (520 PS; 525 bhp), but the achievement of this power is a bit different in each model


In this month the King world car is the ford Mustang, Ford car company ford Ford Mustang has always responded to the wildly popular sport compact car increased in recent years, ford has won in his enclosure, when Ford, led by Auto legend Lee , the car has to contain "personal" – one that will appeal to buyers who are looking for pictures. For re skinning existing Falcon runabout with a new body style, affliction, Ford struck.

Ford Mustang makes its world debut at the 1964 world's fair in New York in April 17, 1964. In four months, Ford has sold about 100,000 of the fruit, and in 1966 Ford Ford Mustang coupe and convertible registered more than a million sales. Ford Ford Mustang the earliest powered by 6 box engine, but the V-8 version is growing in popularity as a Ford Mustang muscle car developed in the model as the Shelby GT350 and GT500 Mach 1.

Ford Mustang headlines available; The V-8 cars quickly outgrown war, pitting the best muscle car Ford Chevy , Pontiac and the Plymouth Barracuda. Bodywork fastback added new look graceful to stable in 1967, and trim and performance of all colors, welcome every new model year Ford Mustang in childhood.
As the 1960s turned into the 1970s, the Ford Mustang is starting to lose traction. At the 1971 new safety and emissions rules eviscerating all muscle cars. Strength peaked in 1971 Ford Mustang Mach I and fall every year until Ford takes steps to drastically reduce the car in 1974 Ford Mustang II. Lighter and shorter, Ford Mustang running gear also share some with the Ford Pinto. Sales hit first, the Ford Mustang II Dent's name and reputation and Ford quickly planned a new car, spun from the platform real drive Ford

Ford Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars in automotive culture USA. Debuted at the New York World's fair 1964 Ford Mustang forever into the history of the world, luxury cars and sale of millions of copies over the past five decades.

Because of the approach of the anniversary of 50 years of Ford Mustang car modify horses preparing for the new generation, made in the year 2015.


However, this led to the development of environmental advocates will be difficult because it will also increase the density of the traffic pollution  The launch of this vehicle took place while India's domestic vehicle market expected to rise rapidly in the coming years, following the rapid growth of India's economy has been accompanied by rising consumer affluence.

It is estimated that the cost of car sales in India increased by four times. And rival n I started heating up. For the size of  Motors  Nano would have been cheap car . The price will be far below the average for  vehicles that are sold to the owners of the car brand Agency  in the country.

"There are indeed many nano models, etc, but the initial stage we will introduce & Nano. The price in Indonesia after being exposed to a variety of taxes, will millions of people, "said the source, who did not want his name.!

The BBC'S correspondent for southeast Asia, Chris Morris, this car has the potential to become the seeds of revolution in the Auto. People in the project planning, said she hopes the world's cheapest car, which will make life safer for families from India, which is currently still using motorcycles, which makes the foot passengers waved everywhere.

The rapid economic growth in India to make millions of people would be willing to buy a car, especially at the level of the price offered. Cities in India today, in fact, already crowded with users, but only seven are among thousands of people in India who has a car.

These statistics seem to be changed; People's car is capable if successful in India between public &, there is the possibility of the following automotive products can be exported to India markets in Africa or Latin America.