Risk or means the prevention of disease amnesia in the human brain

Perhaps some kind of amnesia this very often we heard among others is psychogenic or dissociative amnesia, formed from trauma, as a victim of a crime, accident, the interruption can cause a next about risk or a preventive manner disease amnesia on the brain man as reading materials or science of for person forgets personality or identity ( forget memory ) usually only a short time not forever, my you guys.

Risk experiencing amnesia would increase if you:

•    surgery on the brain, head injuries or trauma
•    stroke
•    alcohol abuse
•    spasm

In a Preventive Manner
Due to brain damage can be the root of the problem of amnesia; it was essential to take a step in reduce opportunities there are exposed to injury to the brain. For example:

•    avoid the use of alcohol to excess
•    avoid a conflict in the head
•    treat the infection with perfect

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