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HOW TILLAGE FOR SEEDLING FARM and How To Cultivate The Soil.

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How To Cultivate The Soil.

little tutorial on tillage for planting rice seeds have been prepared since two months of planting. Its implementation can be done in two ways, namely by means of traditional and modern ways (ADVANCED).

Suppose tilling rice paddies in the traditional way, namely tillage paddy field with simple tools such as a scythe, hoes, plows and arrowroot are all done by humans or aided by animals such as buffalos and cows and so on. 

Suppose tillage paddy field by means of modern soil rice field processing that is conducted with the engine. With tractors and tillage tools that can work with all his own.

1. Cleansing
Before rice land hoe to be cleared ahead of hay-hay or pasture-grass. Collected in one place or made into compost. Should not be burned, because it would eliminate straw-burning substance nitrogen is essential for plant growth.

2. Plow
Fields to be flooded should the hoe in advance so that the soil becomes soft and the grass of his rapidly decomposing. This hoe work continued to repair the leaking dykes-dykes.

3. Piracy
Before the hijacking, the rice paddies of rice fields to be flooded. The hijacking began from the banks or from the middle of the rice fields mapped it between 12-20 cm. the purpose of the hijacking was shut down and immerse the grass, and immerse the organists such as materials: green manure, compost, and manure so it mixes with the soil. Completed anti-piracy flooded rice field again for 5-7 days to speed up the decay of remains of plants and soften the chunk-chunk of land.

4. To beg
At the time the rice will be hoe puddles reduced. So just enough to moisten the soil chunks chunk only. hoe do over and over again so that the remains of the grass setting and reducing the permeation of water down.

After the rice is finished, the first hoe flooded again during 7-10 days, the lapse of a few days is held the second yang piracy. Its objectives are: leveling the ground, flattening the embedded basic fertilizer, and puddling in order to become more perfect.


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Now we post about the weakness of the iPad, this computer device between a laptop and a smart phone that has managed to officially launched Apple. the iPad is a kind of "tablet" output looks similar to the Apple iPhone. The iPad is not less functions with other notebooks of his notebooks that can be used to access multimedia, surfing the web, and it works.

But unfortunately the iPad hasn't been able to yet can provide advantages over a laptop or smart phone products. Indeed the iPad Design was made as comfortable as possible for the convenience of the use by the user. This device is great as a gaming platform, or to look at web pages. Open the application, change the size of a web page, zoom into small or large can also be done with instant.

 The developer also no doubt has been equipping iPad with apps and services that are tailored specifically for this device. The new iWork Suite is optimized for touch is also very quick and easy. one of the previous States if Steve Jobs will create a third category of device between a smart phone and a laptop, then it should be better to perform certain tasks.

For a variety of things, that statement is indeed true. Browsing the web on the iPad is much better than on the iPhone. Because of the large screen, flip through photos, play music and movies on the iPad is more fun than on a laptop.

Now we certainly want what became his iPad so that such advantages? Let us refer to the flagship feature which makes it as a gadget with a variety of advantages compared to its competitors.

Advantages of the ipad
  • -Safari Browser for web access.
  • -Mail to read e-mail.
  • -Photos to manage archive photos.
  • -Video to play video files.
  • -YouTube to view videos directly to YouTube without going through the website.
  • -iPod to play music
  • -iTunes to download music and video
  • -App Store for mengunduk applications
  • -iBooks to read and download e-books from iBooks Store
  • -Maps to view a map of high-resolution satellite and Street View Images.
  • -Notes to create a free entry.
  • -Calendar to make the agenda.
  • -Contacts to record data on the phone, email, web and friends.
  • -To organize the Home screen display screen
  • -Spotlight search to do a quick search on all the parts just by typing a keyword.
Even so, the Apple iPad is still judged to still have many shortcomings. This was the reason the consumer not to hastily adopt a nice gadget from Apple.
The weakness of the ipad
  • -Thedisplaysizeis nottoo big(aspect ratio4: 3)
  • -Nomultitasking
  • -Nocamera
  • -Keyboardtouch
  • -NoHDMIport
  • -Does notsupportAdobe Flash
  • -NoUSB port
  • -Does notsupportT-Mobile3 g
  • -Can onlyplay video480 p
  • -NoFullGPS (just insertA-GPSviaWi-Fiand 3 g)
  • -NoslotSDcard
  • -NoOpenSDK(Software Development Kit)
  • -The batterycannot be replaced
The iPad is not expired from weaknesses. But de facto, the ipad also have many advantages. Good look


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BBM app for Android was released on its own in some stores application-specific Google Play his Store on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, for being late about one month from the time that planned by the company. These applications are already in use and can be enjoyed on the 21st of September.

When an application is running a media site for the first time after install, BBM display confirmation page emailed beforehand.

Users who signed up before the BBM.com can directly use this application, after you enter your e-mail address in the box provided.

Those who have not signed up to be lining up in advance to get the access rights to the application. How to list him quite easily. Users only need to enter your email address in the box provided.

When the user in question's turn has come, the BlackBerry will send an email, and users are asked to confirm your return through the application of FUEL.

After the turn, you will be faced with a screen "Sign In". To get into this application, BlackBerry ID required. If you already have an account, simply click the "Sign In" (click on the second box on that page), then enter your ID and password. After it ended, the user can directly take advantage of all the features.

If you don't have a BlackBerry pin or account ID, then you can just make it through the first option on the page. And the manufacturing process itself is not too difficult, just simply fill in some data, such as your email address and password. Once done, you can go directly to the "Sign In". same as enrolling in another application.

After the process is successfully done, the application will take a few minutes to do some settings. The system will move the list of friends from the old BlackBerry devices to Android devices.

Time of this transfer will be different on each device. When BlackBerry ID entered is composed of tens to hundreds of contacts, guaranteed process will be longer than ID have little contact.

A new ID for the BlackBerry, this regulatory process will not run long.

The following guides and some brief information related to BBM cross platform.

1. Check the operating system version and install it

2. Download and install it.

Here's how it or the process usage and install FUEL applications for Android


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Reports from Japan-a number of users in China reported that their broken 5S iPhone without cause. Many residents are very concerned about him.  Some early iPhone users also complain that the 5S latest smart phone Apple belongs to the hosts they suddenly crooked without cause.
iPhone 5 and 5S iPhone does have the same design. Both are equally thin and light. Its thickness is only 7.6 mm and does it weigh 112 grams. His body blanketed by material aluminum and glass on the front.

Some early iPhone users also complain that the 5S latest smart phone Apple belongs to the hosts they suddenly crooked without cause. And many of these users claimed to be, it did not experience any conflict and also not placed at the top or the back pocket

From the photo published by a journalist that the brand visible iPhone 5S still works and the light does not burst but uncomfortable wearing his again. But the beauty of this design was disappeared due to direct any part deviate from a straight line. Very concern.

This event only happens in China, because there is still no reports from other countries regarding this issue. Up to now there is still no official explanation from the Apple iPhone  case related 5S in China.


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The iPhone is currently the 5S-art iPhone and iPhone and mobile phones among the most luxurious on the iPhone this year 5S  customers. O process of launch about two weeks ago, the iPhone 5S is available in three color options, including the most unique that is gold color. But now, the iPhone gets a rival from back 5S a manufacturer who launched another smart phone variant of golden color to their products, they compete in the pampers its customers.

Seems to want to come compete with iPhone 5S gold color, the Samsung iPhone 5S also recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold Edition is so sophisticated application and it was a gold color variant. Samsung announced the launch of a golden color variant is only a few days after Apple iPhone products 5S started to appear in the world market.

After there is a difference between his iPhone and Galaxy gold color 5S S4 Gold Edition. Then the iPhone using 5S gold color all over her, then part of that Galaxy S4 Gold Edition is just add gold accessories at the edge of the chrome should be on standard Variant. That's how the world iPhone competition.

Regarding its specifications, iPhone Samsung 5S says there is no difference between Galaxy S4 variant standard variant and the Gold Edition. The difference is only on the additional color choices of Brown and pink on a variant of the Gold Edition.the iPhone is the most expensive iPhone 5S because made of gold and gold color.


May we all already know about the progress of the sakura, a very clever in creating modern technology. Some of the original Sakura scientists managed to assemble a robot very similar to style style of man and is able to mimic the movements of a controlling man. With the use of special equipment and sophisticated of the bunch had managed to promote it, the user allows them to see, hear and feel the same like robot machine as well as the perceived moves the robot remotely.

One of the Professors from the country mngungkapkan that Susumu Tachi, of Keio University, the system contained on the headgear, gloves and vest, the operator or the user, sends detailed instructions to the robot, which then automatically mimics any movements of the user. At the same time, the android signposts sensors deliver the information flow is converted into a sensation for its users.Polyester gloves used operators connected to the semiconductor and small machines that let users being able to sense what the touch mechanical hands, whether it is a smooth surface, protrusion or hot and cold.

The Robot is also equipped with a camera that functions as the eye. This camera is capable of capturing images and the results will appear on a small video screen in front of the eyes of the user. This allows users to see in a three dimensional form.
Then the microphone is functioning on a robot to pick up votes, while speakers allow users to make their voices heard by those who are close to the robot. Wow really wonderful Yes, let us imitate their style also

The Robot is also equipped with a camera that functions as the eye. This camera is capable of capturing images and the results will appear on a small video screen in front of the eyes of the user. This allows users to see in a three dimensional form.


Starting from now if you download BBM ngin on Android in the Android Store Play? Turns out the FUEL application in iPhone even already can be downloaded on Apple Appstore precedes version Androidnya, but original plans supposed Android version appears first. but now you don't have to be patient because you can already download it at

Following is the display of FUEL on your iPhone:

Or please search in the Apple Appstore from your device with the keyword "FUEL" and make sure the application Publisher called "Blackberry Limited" to prevent any other application that you have to visit the official website of the Blackberry.
For iPhone, the installation file size of FUEL is 30 MB. This application can only be run on the iPhone operating system iOS version 6 upwards.
For the initial stage, fuel for the iPhone has only basic features where users can send text messages, voice note, short video, change the profile photo and status.

FUEL gauge BOSS Thorsten Heins CEO's decision to change the exclusive BlackBerry messaging services becomes a stand-alone application indicates that the BlackBerry platform 10 was able to compete and can provoke the user without exclusivity BBM.