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The roof of the National Stadium in Brasilia Mane Garrincha , leaked . This is an embarrassing incident that occurred because of his less than eight months after the stadium most expensive stadium in  in Brazil was declared completed for the 2014 World Cup event .

A number of local media reported almost all the seats in the stands under the wet due to rain which flushed at night in the stadium .Secopa stadium construction operators argue that this is the first problem occurs because the new stadium with a capacity of 50 thousand spectators were still in the testing phase .
Mane Garrincha

Leakage stadium for PD in Brazil is not only the Mane Garrincha . At least three other stadiums still a race against time to be completed prior to kick - off on June 12, 2014. Her fatal again At least five people died from workplace accidents in the construction of a stadium in Brazil PD . Last November , two workers were killed by a crane at the Arena Corinthians ,SaoPaulo . One other worker was also reported killed in the Mane Garrincha stadium construction

The embarrassing incident ( leak ) because the stadium is still new , some small parts still need to be fixed , but it will not affect the operation of the game here .

party Brazil football world will instantly repair the damage at no additional cost to the government of Brazil . Previously , the construction of a stadium in the capital cost has been about the most expensive among the other 12 stadiums that will be used for the 2014 World Cup . It is very embarrassing not ? ?

The stadium was actually being used in the Confederations Cup last mid-2013 . And plan, the stadium will be in the spotlight for six games of the 2014 World Cup , including a quarterfinal and the third place in the next world cup


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Face care is very important especially for women is a very important thing. What's more with the symptoms a little red and it's pretty white. that Some women try to perform facial treatments with costly fees to have facial skin is white, clean, healthy and fresh.

Whereas, if they know how to treat a face to pure white, certainly they do not have to pay costly fees for treatments at the beauty salon. Since caring for the face can do yourself at home. And you belong to the lucky woman. Why? For posting this time I will share a few tips on how to take care of the face to pure white. Check out his explanation just below:

1. Knowing the types ofskin onour bodies.

Beforetaking care ofyour skinyou should firstknowwhatyour skin typeand how.Is itnormalto dry skin, sensitiveoroily.and to know yourskin typeis very importantto match theproduct thatwill be usedto care forhim.

2.  Perform cleanup

When washing your face you should use warm water to open pores and dirt in them out all, and tehknik is very good too. and finish off with cool water. Also avoid using SOAP that has a formula that is hard, because it can eliminate the skin's natural oilsAs a result the skin is dry and scalyChoose a SOAP that is gentle and does not contain detergents which contain natural oils or fats. If you have sensitive skin care products that avoid using perfumes or ingredients is bleach as it can irritate the skin.

3.  Evening Facial Care

Care of the evening was no less important to do. for better use with the night creamand after cleaning the face. The Serum is beneficial to provide nutrients to the skin and regenerate the skin of night cream is faster when the skin breaks.

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