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Elephantiasis disease including strange diseases in the world

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in terms of the scientific world Lymphatic filiarisis or known as Elephantiasis is marked by extreme swelling of hands or feet, and on her other body parts. The disease is caused by mosquitoes that transmit Wuchereria bancrofti, such as larvae of Brugia malayi and b. timori, through their bite. The larvae then larvae live inside the human body for years. In addition to the hands and feet, chest and genitals can also swell quickly.
Elephantiasis disease  
Elephant foot disease is commonly detected through microscopic examination of blood, until now it still felt hard to do since the microfilaria only appear and present themselves in the blood at the time of the evening for some time or in other words (nocturnal periodicity).

However, in the case of Elephantiasis disease severe enough (already enlarged) because it is not detected quickly, in addition to administering the drugs would require follow-up actions such as operation. So I describe may be useful.


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Stay healthy and youthful is the desire of almost all people and can we say everyone wants him. But did you know the most youthful drug is cheap and selling it can also nourish your body?
Now let us remember again, when did you last laugh? When would you put on these drugs? Maybe because it was immersed in the bustle of the day today and the problems of your life never laughing, you get to hard-to-remember. According to a study in a College, when a person aged 40-50 years old, he could only laugh four times a day (maybe even less!). While small 4 year old children can laugh on average 300 times a day! Wow very much difference in her Yes guy.
No wonder we are getting vulnerable exposed to stress, often grumpy, angry, and complained of various maladies such as migraines and psikosomatis of gastric pain. Life becomes grim, not happy. Knowingly or not, all of these symptoms are actually a result of things that seem trivial: less laugh that is that you should avoid if you want you lasting forever

In fact, it was the modern drugs have laughed a very accurate and powerful tackling age.


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It seems we do need to be reminded that life offers many other things more fun, or at least equal pleasure to achieve orgasm.


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Justin Bieber declared intention to retire right on Christmas Day , Rabbu ( 12/25/2013 ) . Justin Bieber stated that for the next album would be their last , but over the next twitter chirp instead he seemed to confuse the fans and make his retirement statement has a different meaning .

Many who consider that step Justin Bieber is just a ploy for attention to promote his latest project , or we can say right ascending his attention again .

Justin Bieber

Believe , is a title in the behind the scenes documentary that shows the real life star was launched after Christmas , the film shows how Justin Bieber to undergo a series of concerts , how she faced obstacles , and finally make the ultimate statement about his career in the music world . It is unfortunate that instead?.

Time the launch of the film and are very close to retirement announcement this may be a sign of a new direction Justin Bieber . There are many things he has not accomplished in Hollywood . Retirement may be the beginning of a new chapter . At this point it is difficult to assess why he wants to retire from the music , something that has given him so much , and placing it at the top . In other words , the public is waiting for clarity exactly what is meant by ' retiring ' version of Justin Bieber , and where he would go again . let her fore clay

Justin Bieber might want to use the film as a way to end his musical career . However, it may not be a career in the entertainment world . After what he has achieved , how can get away with Justin Bieber just after the album was ranked 1st in the world charts .

At the age of 19, Justin Bieber has achieved greater accomplishments and shorter than other music players . The singer who originally fame through YouTube was instantly transformed into a young star and international icon for the younger generation . Perhaps this is the point at which he would shift focus on other areas that may have nothing to do with music at all . That fate of the music world


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Face care is very important especially for women is a very important thing. What's more with the symptoms a little red and it's pretty white. that Some women try to perform facial treatments with costly fees to have facial skin is white, clean, healthy and fresh.

Whereas, if they know how to treat a face to pure white, certainly they do not have to pay costly fees for treatments at the beauty salon. Since caring for the face can do yourself at home. And you belong to the lucky woman. Why? For posting this time I will share a few tips on how to take care of the face to pure white. Check out his explanation just below:

1. Knowing the types ofskin onour bodies.

Beforetaking care ofyour skinyou should firstknowwhatyour skin typeand how.Is itnormalto dry skin, sensitiveoroily.and to know yourskin typeis very importantto match theproduct thatwill be usedto care forhim.

2.  Perform cleanup

When washing your face you should use warm water to open pores and dirt in them out all, and tehknik is very good too. and finish off with cool water. Also avoid using SOAP that has a formula that is hard, because it can eliminate the skin's natural oilsAs a result the skin is dry and scalyChoose a SOAP that is gentle and does not contain detergents which contain natural oils or fats. If you have sensitive skin care products that avoid using perfumes or ingredients is bleach as it can irritate the skin.

3.  Evening Facial Care

Care of the evening was no less important to do. for better use with the night creamand after cleaning the face. The Serum is beneficial to provide nutrients to the skin and regenerate the skin of night cream is faster when the skin breaks.

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