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Risk or means the prevention of disease amnesia in the human brain

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Perhaps some kind of amnesia this very often we heard among others is psychogenic or dissociative amnesia, formed from trauma, as a victim of a crime, accident, the interruption can cause a next about risk or a preventive manner disease amnesia on the brain man as reading materials or science of for person forgets personality or identity ( forget memory ) usually only a short time not forever, my you guys.

Risk experiencing amnesia would increase if you:

•    surgery on the brain, head injuries or trauma
•    stroke
•    alcohol abuse
•    spasm

In a Preventive Manner
Due to brain damage can be the root of the problem of amnesia; it was essential to take a step in reduce opportunities there are exposed to injury to the brain. For example:

•    avoid the use of alcohol to excess
•    avoid a conflict in the head
•    treat the infection with perfect

Thank you, hopefully also useful for you


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Every human being his specific of a man who is married or husbands are usually embarrassed and  when he couldn't perform intercourse or intercourse with his wife. usually the husband covered and did not explain what was in agony, if left such a moment will be able to spoil the harmony of the family. The following tips to treat LOW DESIRE in a NATURAL WAY

Weak orgasm a sexual disease which is characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during intercourse performance. A penis erection is a hydraulic effect blood entered and maintained in the body like a sponge in the penis.This process often starts as a result of sexual arousal, when the signal is sent from the brain to nerves in the penis.It is the process and how it works.

There are several causes of weak desire a variety of blood circulation, including gated potassium channels of change, as in the arsenic poisoning of drinking water or some kind of dirt. The most important organic causes are cardiovascular disease and diabetes, neurological problems (eg, trauma from Prostatectomy surgery), hormonal insufficiencies (hypogonadism) and drug side effects.
To fix it I wrote a couple of tips to treat WEAK ORGASM with a powerful natural WAYS for you, here's the recipe:
  • 3 grams of ginger
  • 15 grain seeds ginkgo bilboa (pek ko), peeled, mashed
  • 1 tablespoon pure honey
The way of processing
  • Wash clean all such material, on the cob with hot water until the remaining 400 cc 200 cc (use low heat), then strain it.
  • Add honey,
  • then drink.
The most important Point for men one way that can be done to reduce the risk of Weak orgasm is by making some simple lifestyle changes. For some men, adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and reduce stress, may be all that is needed to seek help.

I hope this post is useful.

Elephantiasis disease including strange diseases in the world

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in terms of the scientific world Lymphatic filiarisis or known as Elephantiasis is marked by extreme swelling of hands or feet, and on her other body parts. The disease is caused by mosquitoes that transmit Wuchereria bancrofti, such as larvae of Brugia malayi and b. timori, through their bite. The larvae then larvae live inside the human body for years. In addition to the hands and feet, chest and genitals can also swell quickly.
Elephantiasis disease  
Elephant foot disease is commonly detected through microscopic examination of blood, until now it still felt hard to do since the microfilaria only appear and present themselves in the blood at the time of the evening for some time or in other words (nocturnal periodicity).

However, in the case of Elephantiasis disease severe enough (already enlarged) because it is not detected quickly, in addition to administering the drugs would require follow-up actions such as operation. So I describe may be useful.

Ringworm diseases! Infectious diseases are very fast

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Ringworm diseases! Infectious diseases are very fast. Wide variety of skin disease that is very much we find among the poor, such as: the disease is a parasitic disease of ringworm on the skin that are rarely preserved. This disease can be suffered by anyone and its transmission is very fast, be it male or female, be it kids, easy as well as parents. The incidence of this disease is caused by a yeast Pityrosporum ovale or evil.

Ringworm diseases
Ringworm is a disease that is not so dangerous but if left will be very disruptive of our appearance. For those of you who like to pay attention to appearances, this disease will probably be the main enemy that should be eliminated. Panu will damage the appearance of the skin will arise because the patches are white, sometimes Brown or red. It feels very itchy and especially if you're sweating. The disease can be contagious ringworm from one person to another.


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Without we realize that the food came from the sea can ' lubricate ' your heart or in other words very well to sterilize the human heart as it contains omega 3 fatty acids can lower the risk of cardiac arrhythmias, the levels of bad cholesterol, high blood pressure and clotting of the blood in the body. Among his salmon is good for the heart, and a lot of INTERESTING foods from the sea that is one of the human heart to make her healthy again.
Turtle eggs into one of sea animals often become the prey of many parties. By reason of healthy living, humans were raked from the turtles nest eggs for the sake of creating a healthy heart.
sea coral
And it turns out some types of foods and other sea fish can harm cardiovascular health if excessive. Don't be misinterpreting his guy


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Gender Women are very sensitive to the disease Than men, the genital organs of the female body's personal best is indeed very much vulnerable to attack the disease, either a virus, bacterium, fungus or other diseases that are greatly feared by the women in this world. Then, how do I take care of him?

Here are a few tips for taking care of healthy Women, sex is enough to keep the genital organs remains dry and wet panties in the locker if it could make the genital organs of women avoid fungus, it is a little bit how to care for a woman's vagina to be healthy forever.

Any abnormal changes in the vagina of women can be a sign of the early presence of vaginal problems. Changes in the frequency of urination, a burning sensation during urination and vaginal odor issue as well as a highly concentrated liquid and is the most important signs of vaginal problems.

Abnormal vaginal conditions can significantly affect sexual and reproductive health. For it, always maintain vaginal health and hygiene can prevent the occurrence of problems in the vagina. And it will be so in love by the women.


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Wow this is an interesting fellow. Always we note that in almost every magazine and tabloid news on the internet site, there are always tips on how to achieve a good orgasm. As if orgasm is a sensation that you can enjoy the greatest human being.orgasm is not one of the greatest sensations that can be enjoyed by humans.


According to an expert, expert sexologist, orgasm is just another one of the pleasures of human life. "Sometimes we did not get to see anything more fun when we are obsessed to achieve a more intense orgasm, and make us horny couples and happy" he said.orgasm is not one of the greatest sensations that can be enjoyed by humans.

It seems we do need to be reminded that life offers many other things more fun, or at least equal pleasure to achieve orgasm.


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Justin Bieber declared intention to retire right on Christmas Day , Rabbu ( 12/25/2013 ) . Justin Bieber stated that for the next album would be their last , but over the next twitter chirp instead he seemed to confuse the fans and make his retirement statement has a different meaning .

Many who consider that step Justin Bieber is just a ploy for attention to promote his latest project , or we can say right ascending his attention again .

Justin Bieber

Believe , is a title in the behind the scenes documentary that shows the real life star was launched after Christmas , the film shows how Justin Bieber to undergo a series of concerts , how she faced obstacles , and finally make the ultimate statement about his career in the music world . It is unfortunate that instead?.

Time the launch of the film and are very close to retirement announcement this may be a sign of a new direction Justin Bieber . There are many things he has not accomplished in Hollywood . Retirement may be the beginning of a new chapter . At this point it is difficult to assess why he wants to retire from the music , something that has given him so much , and placing it at the top . In other words , the public is waiting for clarity exactly what is meant by ' retiring ' version of Justin Bieber , and where he would go again . let her fore clay

Justin Bieber might want to use the film as a way to end his musical career . However, it may not be a career in the entertainment world . After what he has achieved , how can get away with Justin Bieber just after the album was ranked 1st in the world charts .

At the age of 19, Justin Bieber has achieved greater accomplishments and shorter than other music players . The singer who originally fame through YouTube was instantly transformed into a young star and international icon for the younger generation . Perhaps this is the point at which he would shift focus on other areas that may have nothing to do with music at all . That fate of the music world


Undeniable problem became a problem that beds are important to consider in building an intact household, sometimes other problems like misunderstanding and arguments for the sake of argument can be resolved in a bed. But the problem in his important not less beds for more attention to creating a harmonious relationship between the pair.

One of the problems that often happen  premature ejaculation, usually the husband who can't give contentment to his wife as the husband who reached climax too quickly. For that there are here there are several ways to keep romance in bed can still be enjoyed with high quality. 

The first, maintaining the body's health is a major factor for both parties when screwing in the circumstances fit, then take a gentle exercise such as brisk walking/jogging is beneficial for improving a useful body fitness improves stamina factor DA maintain health. Second, consider the condition by means of choosing the right time to engage in intercourse. What if the husband and wife both work during the day, then  with the couple to spend a special time to fuck when neither party in a State weary with the daily routine. Such an appointment would also add  and romance relationship of husband and wife.

Thirdly, it provides a special time for couples with a little away from the routine at home, giving her free to spend time making out longer. It is guaranteed to provide an opportunity to begin an intimate relationship more hot.

The fourth, creating an atmosphere of cordial, this relates to the nature of women who usually act by using the senses. For that the man demanded to understand the mood of , so will add a romantic relationship should be done with a partner.Such as touching the sensitivity of the central activities of the wife at home, then this will cause different sensations captured by his wife as . Usually women are pleased when touched although it is a witticism.

The fifth, each open to couples of the problems encountered in the relationships roll. As is the case of premature ejaculation as well as other diseases. Compromise between husband and wife about what things you want to accomplish in a sexual relationship, so both are same same understand the will of the spouse.